SlantRange 4P+ Sensor with DJI SKYPORT


The SlantRange 4P+ ships with a GPC Hardshell Case, Power Cable, and SD Card.
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New Measurement Innovations for the Most Trusted Agricultural Data System in the Industry

4P Series Sensors

Introducing the SlantRange 4P Series sensors. Higher resolution images, 6 spectral bands including full RGB color, our patented sunlight calibration technology, and an all-new modular add-on capability deliver the precision measurements you need to support critical decisions.

Precision Navigation Module

For accurate phenotyping and pre-harvest yield measures, it’s essential to know your sensor’s position relative to the plant. In another industry first, we’re introducing our entirely new precision navigation module: rangefinder, dual GPS inertial navigation system, RTK enabled, and an extended Kalman filter solution – all in a small, modular add-on package.

SlantView 3.0

The 4P+ is the most advanced multispectral sensor in its class. Now with 2X the resolution of our previous generation sensors. Cover more area without sacrificing resolution or accuracy.

  • The higher resolution allows users to collect more data in shorter flight times
  • 6-Bands including RGB (RGB, Red, Red Edge, and NIR)
  • Patented radiometric calibration with integrated position, attitude, and sunlight measurement sensors first introduced by SlantRange in 2014
  • Patented onboard processing
  • DJI SKYPORT integration available
  • Compatible with most drones
  • 2.2 cm GSD @ 100m altitude

The Highest Spatial Resolution in its Class

Sub-centimeter resolution from a low-cost, unmanned system changes the concept of “digital farming”. Do you want to measure every plant to determine yield prior to harvest? That’s what the 4P Series sensors provide – more than 3x the resolution of MicaSense RedEdge MX and more than 5x the resolution of Parrot Sequoia.

6 Spectral Bands with True Color RGB

Information value is created through a learned balance of spatial and spectral resolution with spectral diversity. The 4P Series’ narrow spectral bands isolate key markers of evolving plant health condition while delivering true color RGB for the ever-important value of human visual context.

Data for Decision-Making

Aerial systems can reveal crop conditions that aren’t measurable by other means – conditions that can drive critical decisions and new forecasting methods. Our 4P Series is built upon years of validation in the demanding field of aerial phenotyping for leading agricultural suppliers for accurate and specific data delivery.

SlantRange Ambient Illumination Sensor

Accuracy for Prescriptive Inputs & Forecasting

Accuracy is essential. Prescriptive input decisions and forecasts rely on accurate measurements that aren’t subject to change from day-to-day or hour-to-hour with changing sunlight conditions.

We pioneered and patented the industry’s first on-board sunlight correction capability with our Ambient Illumination Sensors (AIS) – and every sensor generation has included it as a standard feature. The result is data you can trust over a wide range of illumination conditions, without the need for cumbersome “calibration panels” on the ground. (US Patents 9,470,579 and 9,791,316; Australia Patent 2015315327 B2 )

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